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THE ARAB MUJAHIDEEN are high in faith and Taqwa , as well as in Arms and Ammunitions. The love of recitation of the Holy Qur'an runs in their blood. This is and Image of Qur'an that belongs to a Mujahid imprisoned in "Kohat" Jail of Pakistan, after being arrested at the Border. Such images hardly miss to impress the the world about Mujahideen and their  faith in Allah

America showered a rain of massacre over the afghan children, but instead, they found a new hobby and a means of living,REVENGE IS AN OLD TRADITION OF PUKHTOONS.What matters here that when these kids grow up , and take revenge upon the Americans, then how will the next American "generation" be able to to face it? These children used to go out in the jungle with just a bottle of water to search for Bombs. However , Gardez and Khost were more lucky, they got whole helicopters, enough scrap to feed them for several days.

THIS M-17 Missile Launcher is amongst the many deadly weapons' America is Using against Mujahideen. It is available in "Khyber Agency" markets. How did it reach there?who stole it from the Americans, is still a puzzle. Although it can be used only once, but if America plans to stay long like Russia, the veil may rise, and provide sufficient useful knowledge to the Mujahideen about The American Technology.

 This Vest may Save your life?Two pictures of the jacket of one of the  hundreds of American Soldiers that were sent to hell by the Mujahideen. 1) The bullets went past the rear of the jacket, which means that the soldier was running away from the battle field. 2) The label saying clearly " This Vest May save you life". Miraculasly, the bullets hit the very label, explaining the technology VS Allah's orders.

 steroids? In the province of Ghazni,(Nawar village), the Mujahideen shot down an American Helicopter ( 17th Shabaan ,1422 Hijri/ 4th Nov,2001 AD) these steroids were recovered from the Pilot's breifcase. Later on , it was found that Sheikh Usama's son had bought them from the local villagers for his father. Now what made the americans need to use Steroids for? was it the fear?or the "weakness"?

OPIUM FOR THE SPRING : spring has arrived in Afghanistan. These beautiful flowers dont give fragrance, rather "smoke". It is to be noted that QANDHAR, HILMAND, JALALABAD ,KANR , ROZGAN and LUGHMAN are growing Opium at a vast productive scale, which will later be sent to America and Europe. It grew from American Bombing, and will take revenge on America and Europe,slowly, very slowly. Neither have they been , nor will they be able to stop this revenge.THEY ASKED FOR IT.

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