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By Yasir Muhammad Khan

Iki Beli used to live on the outskirts of Nagasaki. She had three brothers and two sister. Their house was surrounded by a vineyard through which flowed a spring of cold sparkling water. Life was peacefully flowing along just like the gurgling spring and was as beautiful as the grape vines abundant with fruit. Then suddenly one day something huge fell from the sky, there was a deafening explosion, a cloud like an umbrella rose up and pieces of red-hot metal started raining down. Iki Beli felt as if the ground was sinking under her feat and she was falling down, down into a vast black tunnel. Then she knew nothing. When she regained consciousness five years had passed since the day it had rained lead. She found herself lying on a soft, clean bed in a mountain-side hospital. Grape vines were peeing in from her window. Who am I, where am I she asked herself. The questions echoed in the empty dome of her mind but she could find no answer. Iki Beli will never be able to find an answer because she was one of the 26 thousand people who had narrowly escaped being killed by an atom bomb. They were not dead, but their minds, their brain and memory had died forever.

Iki Beli passed the rest of her life on hospital beds. When she died in 1972, an American paper, under the caption. 'Another victim of World War II buried', published her story. At the end, the writer bravely claimed, "Had Iki Beli been able to talk or hear, I would have gone near her and said Iki, the Second World War was the last mistake of human beings. Humanity and man apologize to you. We solemnly promise that explosives shall never rain upon grapevines again."

When I read this story in the American paper, a cold sigh broke from my lips and striking against my chest said, "How I wish this claim of my journalist friend was true. How I wish explosives had really stopped raining on grape vines. How I wish..."

If only wishes were horses... Since 1945 when the Second World War came to an end, 107 major wars have taken place in the world. An extensive quantity of explosives were used openly in these wars. Houses were burnt, cities were laid waste, corpses fell, shrieks of the wounded, wails of the dead ones' relatives rent the air and the most interesting thing is that behind all these 107 wars there was only one country, only one nation — America and the Americans. Some of these wars America fought directly, it took part in some of them, while its weapons were used in others. The remaining few wars in which America did not participate, even in them the blood of the dead can be traced to the hands of America. For had America wanted these wars could have come to an end before they even began. But that is beside the point. Today weapons worth 780 billion are being made and sold yearly in the world. Three-fourth part of this trade is owned by America. Had there been no wars in the world, the American weapon market world have crashed. Bombs wouldn't have been made, guns wouldn't have been manufactured; who would have bought the tanks, helicopters and jets? Thus in order to keep its industry going, America encouraged war in every corner, land country of the earth where there existed any kind of a quarrel. In these 107 wars, until 1996, at total of 19 million and 73 thousand people have been killed. In Latin America, i.e in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Falkland, Guatemala, Hondurus, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Peru 470,000 people were killed. Wars in the Middle East, North Africa i.e in Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunis, and Yemen claimed the lives of 993,000 people. Thanks to America, war raged in seventeen countries of Africa. Wars and civil Wars took place in Angola, Brundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Basao, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia, and Zimbabwe in which 4,164,000 people were killed. Five countries of Europe were the victims of war i.e Gechoslovakis, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. In Central Asia and the southern countries, wars erupted in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Srilanka and claimed the lives of 2,857,000 people. Much more devastating wars were fought in Eastern Asia i.e in Cambodia, Chine, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Taiwan, Russia and Vietnam. The death toll in these states was 13.94 million America was responsible for all these wars and in all of them American weapons were used. Some of these wars could have been stopped by a single telephone call from America, but let alone making such, a

people; in Lima, Bolivia and Paraguay eleven thousand people have been killed. Britain and Ireland have

been at war with each other since 1969. Three thousand people have fallen victims to this war between the two countries. In Algeria until 1992 the war victims were 82000 in number; in the Western Desert, from 1975—1988, nineteen thousand people were killed; in Guinea Bas, in one year i.e from 1998-99 two thousand perished. In 1991, in Sierra Leone, the war deprived 43,000 people of their lives; in Nigeria, between 1994—95, it destroyed five thousand lives; in 1994 Cameron-one thousand; in 1983, Sudan-52000; in Uganda--9000; in 1996, Congo- 100,000; till 1992 in Angola- 21,000; till 1990 in Rawanda- 813,000; in Swaziland- 14,000; from '76 to 95' in Mozambigue- fifty thousand; in 1991 in Somalia— 3,500,000; in 1996, Kenya— one thousand; in 1997 Ethiopia- two thousand; in Greece- 75000, in Bulgaria- 2000; in 1998 Guatemala-1,500,000; in 1995 El Salvador-75000; in 1998 Nicaragua-30,000; in 1994 Male- 2000; in 1996, Chad- 13,000; in 1994. Yemen- 7000; in 1994 Al-Ghazia- 6000; in 1996, Chechnya--35000 and in 1999-5000; from 1992-1994 in Ngormo Karabakh-- 22,000; in 1988, Syria--60,000; in 1991, Iraq-- 31000; in 1979 in Iraq and Iran combined- 28000; till 1992 in Afghanistan- 76000; from 1992 to 1997, Tajikistan-51,000; in 1989, Kashmir- 23000; in 1984 Siachin- 1000; in 1992, Nepal- 2000; in 1989, Nepal-

2000; in 1989, Assam- 3,000; in 85, Burma- 9000; from 1997 to 1998 in Cambodia- 10,00; in 1965, Java- 30,000; in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Cyprus- 14,000; and in 1978, Palestine 30,000 people were killed. The conflicts in these countries are still raging like an inferno. The between

North and South Korea has lasted since 1950 and that between Taiwan and China has been going on since 1947 Of all these wars, fourteen consumed a vast amount of capital Statistics show for example, that the two World Wars cost the human race 4500 billion and 13000 billion dollars respectively. Seven hundred and twenty billion dollars were spent on the Vietnam war; 340 billion on the Korean War; 6.13 billion on the Suez Canal War; three billion of the Day War; 21 billion on the youm Kippur War ( between Egypt and Israel); 77 billion on the war Lebanon; 116 billion on the war in Afghanistan; on the Iraq-Iran war 150 billion; on the Falkland war five billion; on the Kashmir war 25 billion; on the Gulf War, 102 billion; two billion on Peru-Ecuador; two billion on the war in Central Africa and one billion on the war in Ethiopia. From Mexico to Ethiopia, America had a hand in all the wars. America supplied weapons to all these countries, sent experts and wherever there existed a chance of conciliation, America thwarted it. At this very moment too there are wars raging in forty-six countries of the world. Every year nearly 18196 million dollars are spent on them. A total of nearly 194507 million dollars have already been spent upon these 46 wars. The details of these wars and the money being spent upon them

provides very interesting reading too. In Latin America, for example devastating wars are going on in fourteen areas. The— war in Columbia began in 1963 and about 1540 million dollars are spent on it every year. Until now 25640 million dollars have already been spent, which are 52 per cent of the country's total budget. The war started in El Salvador in 1979 and every year 140 million dollars are consumed by it. Two thousand four hundred million dollars have already been spent. In Guatemala, since 1968, every year the costs of war are 45 million dollars. In Haiti, since 1991, the war has claimed 44 million dollars every year with a total of 220 million dollars. In Mexico the war costs 720 million dollars yearly with a total cost of ten thousand six hundred and twenty million dollars. Nicaragua has been in a state of war since 1982. Every year 620 million dollars are spent on the war with a total of 36 hundred million dollars; In 1981 in Peru, 550 million dollars with a total of 9400 million dollar; were spent. In Algeria the war is

being fought since 1992. Every year 12 hundred million dollars with a total of seven thousand, five hundred million dollars have been spent. Iran— yearly four hundred million, total six thousand seven hundred million, while the issue started in 1979. In Iraq the conflict began in 1988- yearly four hundred thirty million, total five thousand five hundred thirty million dollars. Morocco-from 1975- 1988, yearly 560 million dollars, total 1400 million dollars. In 1994 in Yemen 26 million dollars were spent; Angola-

- yearly 500 million; Barundi- 20 million; Central African Republic- Eight million; Chad- six million; Congo- 25 million; Djibonti- seven million; Liberia- 17 million; Male- nine million; Mozambique- 150 million; Nigeria- six million; Ramanda- 40 million; Senegal— five million; Sierra Leone- 24 million; Somalia-

- 30 million; Sudan 184 million; Uganda— 621 million; Albania-19 million; Bosnia- 840 million; Croatia- 1400 million; Georgia-

- 120 million; Chechnya- 1300 million; Turkey- 1229 million; Yugoslavia- 500 million; Since 1992 in Afghanistan- 200 million; Bangladesh- 150 million; Sri lanka- 400 million; Tajikistan- 120 million; Columbia- 120 million; Indonesia— 1800 million; Burma 1487 million; Papau New Guinea- 27 million; and Philippine since 1968 has been spending 200 million dollars on war yearly. All these war expenses come to 18 thousand one hundred and 96 million dollars yearly while a total of one hundred and ninety-four thousand, five hundred and seven million dollars have been spent. Behind this colossal loss of money lies the American mind and its weapon dealers.

On the one hand, America in the guise of providing them with military aid, is making countries fight with each other is draining them dry, is keeping them in a state of instability in order to maintain its position in the world and on the other hand, through the UN is trying to make the world believe that it is a champion of peace and democracy. Whenever it wants to stop a war in any country temporarily, it sends the UN peace for there immediately. Nor wherever the Peace Force arrives, peace leaves the country for ever and ever. Take the Middle East for example. The UN peace troops arrived here in 1948. They are 154 in number and their budget till 1999 was 606 million dollars. In 2000 and 2001, a total of 23 million dollars were spent on them. In Pakistan and India these people arrived in 1949. They are 44 in number and a total of eight million dollars are spent on them yearly. Since 1964, in Cyprus 1219 troops were posted, with 43 million dollars being spent on them yearly.In Bosnia, 4 troops since '95 with 159 million dollars yearly. In Kosovo, 37 personnel since '99 with 461 million dollars yearly. In Sierra Leone, 12439 troops since '99 with 504 million dollars yearly. In East Timor, 8089 troops since '99 with 584 million dollars yearly. In DRA, 258 troops since '99 with 141 million dollars yearly expenditure.

In this way, at 14 places of the world, a total of 29759 peace troops are posted with 2239 million dollars being spent on them. It is America that takes full advantage of it. In all the UN military operations, a total of 70520 troops were used and 14028 million dollars were spent on them.

All this is a real picture behind the US slogans of pro-democracy and prosperity. This ugly face of America proves that the world peace is jeopardized only by America. It is only America that is not letting peace prevail in the world. Its factories manufacture weapons of 480 billion dollars worth and sell from Colombia to East Timor. When these people get tired of fighting, and America feels that they might make a truce then gets the UN to send peace troops. As a result both the armies go back to status quo. Then, America provides weapons to both the armies. Both gather piles of weapons and ammunitions. When the preparations are complete, war begins in the presence of peace troops. Millions of people perish but America does not go forward to mediate. A befitting example is of Pakistan and India. Since 1949, the UN has its posts on the Kashmir's Line of Control, and 8 million dollars are spent on them yearly. But despite the peace troops, offices and high commission, 3 fatal wars had taken place between India and Pakistan. At this time too, both the armies are in front of each other, and war may break out any time. In that war, atom bomb may be used, resulting in the destruction of more than half the world. But America is neither asking the two countries to call back their armies, nor are the US and its allies ready to mediate a settlement. On the other hand, the US weapons dealers are selling bulk quantities of weapons to both India and Pakistan.

Recently, India increased its defence budget and as a result India's defence budget now stands at six and a half billion rupees which is equal to Pakistan's total budget. But neither America nor its allies or the UN showed any reaction. These facts prove that America does not want peace to be established in the world.

Even the US own think tanks, statistics-collecting agencies and notable analysts believe that if half of the wealth so far spent on wars had been saved, three more planets like earth would have been prepared for inhabitation; all the inhabitants of the world would have owned a personal house, a car and food stock for 70 year. The US analysts are of the view that if the man had saved the money spent on wars then foodstuff would have been cultivated on every inch of the earth, and water of two seas would have been made drinkable. But unfortunately, most of the world's wealth and resources are spent on wars and war-related industries. The ultimate result is nothing but death.

It is also a fact that most of the tanks, artilleries, missiles, riffles and warplanes are being developed in America. America's defence budget is the largest in the world. America spends yearly 374 billion dollars on defence. What is the motive behind such a huge budget? What are these big weapons, these shipbuilding factories and these missile and artillery factories meant for? All these factories prove that so long as America exists, peace cannot be o ..,hed in the world, nor can the wars stop. So long as America exists, grapevines will continue to be hit by bombs; Iki Beli's eyes will remain dreamless; peace will remain just a dream. to end the crises, the situation of the region might take a perilous shape.

Given the Israel's ongoing dangerous war against the defenseless Palestinian Muslims, OIC's action of adopting a solid and unanimous stand and warning the international community of the delicacy of the situation, must be appreciated especially in the context of OIC's disappointing role in the past.

At the time, the whole Islamic world is deeply feeling that the Muslim countries, taking a stern notice of Israel's aggression and America's partial policy, play such a courageous role to make the nations of the world realize the need to stop America and Israel from their anti-Muslim policies. Today, it is indeed a matter of shame that 56 Muslim states are unable to stop the state terrorism of a tiny state, which is surrounded by Muslims countries on all four sides. Despite the Muslims constitute the one-fourth of the total world population and possess over 60 percent natural resources of the earth, they are compelled to beg America and Europe for peace. Some Arab and other Islamic countries have diplomatic relations with Israel. Particularly, the Muslim countries neighboring Palestine have displayed such callousness and indifference that has further emboldened Israel, which has now refused to recognize any geographical boundaries with any Muslim country.

It is a curtail moment for the Islamic world, particularly the Arab countries, that they either decide not to bear oppression any more, or announce to accept Israel's supremacy. The plight of the Muslims had been truly predicted by the Holy Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) when he said that indignity and humiliation would be imposed on Muslims if they gave up jihad.

The remedy to our present indignity lies in that we give up the love of this world, get rid of obscenity and luxuries, stop following America and Europe and define the future course of action on the basis of Allah's help and our own power. Instead of begging the world nations, we should learn to speak in an unequivocal term. The time demands that we strengthen our belief in Islam's supremacy over all religions, civilizations and nations of the world. Let us now start implementing the political, military and economic orders of Islam. All the Muslim countries should strengthen their relations with one another instead of promoting political and trade relations with the enemies. If the Muslim rulers show a little bit of courage and vision, nothing can stop the Muslims from emerging as the most powerful nation of the world.

When 'Abdul Hameed (formerly John Philip Walker) fell into the hands of the American troops at Qila Jangi, Afghanistan, American commentators, thinkers, analysts and psychologists were left aghast. It is a common practice that people head for America in the hope of financial benefits but 'Abdul Hameed, for religious benefits, left behind him the shine and glitter of American civilization and made his way to the rocky mountains of Afghanistan. When this American youth was brought to a hospital in Mazar Sharif in a badly wounded state, media people literally fell upon him. 'Abdul Hameed parried their pointed, poisonous questions with great confidence, patience and deep insight of a true Mu'min. In the interview given below, his last answer is such an eloquent comment upon American culture that nothing further needs to be said about the American way of life. The interview is being given here so that our readers may enjoy it and strengthen their emaan.

Reporter: Your name? 'Abdul Hameed: 'Abdul Hameed.

 Reporter: Your real name? "

Abdul Hameed: It's the same.

Reporter: What was your name before you became a Muslim? "

Abdul Hameed: Before becoming a Muslim I had no identity.

 Reporter: Where were you born?

'Abdul Hameed: I was bom to John Philip Walker in Fairfax County, California.

Reporter: Why did you accept Islam?

'Abdul Hameed: There was a certain restlessness in my nature since my childhood. The wrong doings in the American society, the obscenity, nudity, lies had made me feel disgusted with life. In this sea of immorality I set out in search of a shining island and began studying different religions. Except Islam, all other religions were self-made and contrary to the realities of human life. 1 found that it was only Islam which had an answer to all the problems of life. The miraculous commands of the Quran, the words and deeds of Muhammad Mustafa ( sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) are a beacon-light to guide humanity. As soon as I beganstudying Islam, my heart testified as to its truth. I mentioned it to my Mom, she got me admitted in an Islamic Centre. At that time due to my love for Islam I had changed my name to Sulaiman. Later at the age of sixteen I formally embraced Islam. I then left for- Yemen to gain further religious knowledge. I returned to America in 1999 to complete my medical studies. A year later I came to Pakistan to acquire further religious knowledge. I took admission in a madrasah in the Frontier Province and along with it started studying the history of the Taliban Movement. I could not left being unmoved by the order and discipline, the Rightness of this Movement, and thus I decided to fight against Kufr and Shirk, against terrorism, shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban. For this purpose I left for northern Afghanistan where I acquired military training. I was then posted to the front line. For two months 1 had been fighting on different fronts when some weeks ago, during our retreat from Kunduz I fell into the hands of Dostum's blood-thirsty men. I went on fighting and now I am a prisoner of the Americans.

Reporter: What were you fighting for?

'Abdul Hameed: To spread the message of Allah upon His land, the Taliban had undertaken a great task. I pray that they may succeed in their aim.

Reporter: You could have died in this venture.

'Abdul Hameed: That indeed was my goal, in search of which I had left my home. What a magnificent thing is shahadah in the path of Allah! May Allah Ta'ala bestow upon me this enviable position too.

Reporter: It is said that during their retreat from Kunduz, the Taliban treacherously handed over the foreign

mujahideen to the Northern Alliance?

'Abdul Hameed: That is a lie. The Taliban cannot even think of such treachery. Had they wanted to be such

double-dealers they would have handed over Osama a long time ago.

They gave us a chance to escape, first of all. We just fell into the hands of General Dostum on the way from Kunduz to Mazar.

Reporter: Having seen so many dead bodies of your comrades in Kunduz and Qila Jangi, after being wounded and made prisoner, what are your feelings now?

'Abdul Hameed: What do you think? Would all this have brought about a change in my faith, belief or way of

thinking? My faith in Islam, Quran, Taliban," Ameer-ul-Mu'mineen and Sheikh Osama has become stronger than ever before. Putting me through all this trials, Allah Ta'ala has tested my emaan. Al-hamdulillah I have

passed through the test successfully. My emaan has become firmer than ever before.

Reporter: What do you think about llth Sept.?

'Abdul Hameed: What a Muslim should think. A tyrant should get the punishment it deserves. America is solely responsible for the atrocities being committed against the Muslims all over the world.

Reporter: That means you think what happened was right?

'Abdul Hameed: Yes of course.

Reporter: What do you want to do now?

'Abdul Hameed: Fight along with the Taliban against the Kuffar.

Reporter: If you are given the death penalty, then?

'Abdul Hameed: My joy shall know no bounds.

Reporter: Don't you want to live??

'Abdul Hameed: Only shahadah is the real life.

Reporter: Can your parent's influence your decision?

'Abdul Hameed: The parents who cannot stop their daughter from choosing a boy-friend, how can they

stop their children from walking upon the Straight Path?