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By Mufti Muhammad Sahib

Use of inhaler in a state of fasting

Q. Can we inhaler when fasting? Some ulama say that if the medicine enters the stomach, the fast (saum) will break, if it enters the lungs only, the fast will not break. Is that correct ?

(Hafiz Muhammad Asim, Khoshab)

A. According to authoritative, authentic ulama, if an inhaler is used the fast will be broke. If the patient has been told by an expert Muslim doctor, or if he knows through, personal experience that his condition will certainly deteriorate or that he might even die then he can use an inhaler while in a state of fasting, but he shall have to keep a 'qadha' fast upon regaining health. If there is no hope that he will ever be rid of the illness, he can give 'fidya'.

It is not necessary for the medicine to enter the stomach for a fast to break, it is enough that it goes down the throat only.

Eating fruit while walking about

Q. People say that one can eat fruit while standing or walking about. Are they right ?


A. The Islamic code of manners demands that a person should sit down, recite Bismillah and then start eating in a civilized way. Fruit should be eaten in this way too. But eatables for which no special ceremony is needed can be eaten while standing, but this should not be made a habit as it is not polite to do so.

It is not permissible to obey parents in non-Shar^ee things

Q- If parents ask their son to send them his photograph as he is far away in a foreign land, is it permissible to fulfil their request? Please advise.

(Tariq Ahmad, Karachi)

A. Seeking to please people while at the same time disobeying Allah Ta'ala is not permissible. Rasool ullah (sallallahu alaihe wasallam) has said It is not permissible to obey any of Allah's creatures while disobeying Him'. Thus it is not permissible for a son to fulfill this request of his parents.

Ruling of business income after first azaan of Friday prayers

Q. I read in the 'Bahishti Zaewar' that it is haraam to conduct any business or trade or remain busy in worldly affairs after the first azaan of the Friday congregational salat has been called. My brother runs a shop and keeps it open even after the first 'azaan'. I am dependent upon him for my financial needs. What I want to ask is that is his income haraam? Is it permissible for me to take money from him ?

(Zaheer Abbas, Rawalpindi)

A. What is written in the Bahishti Zaewar is correct. It is not permissible to carry on business or trade or any other worldly work after the first azaan of the Friday salat has been called. Sharp ah orders that as soon as the first azaan has been called, preparations for the salat must be started and then a person should head for the mosque. It is a sin to remain busy in worldly affairs. Honesty demands that whatever transaction has been carried out after the azaan be annulled. It is wajib to do so. If it is not possible to do so due to some reason then it is imperative to offer sincere repentance and avoid doing so in the future.

As far as the income from such transactions is concerned the ruling is that if the business is permissible then the income is halaal. Yet how can such an income be blessed which is earned while committing a sin? There is room for you, on the other hand, to take money from your brother for your expenses.

Cure for distracting thoughts

Q. My mind usually teems with 'wasawis' or thoughts which are a distraction by Satan. Whenever I engage my self in 'zikr', Satan puts it in my mind that my purpose is something else but the love of Allah. Whenever I offer salat, though I do it ever so devotedly, Satan distracts me by saying that you are offering 'sajda' only to the wall or whatever is in front of me. I am very worried, please help me ?

(A woman, Kohat)

A. The best cure for such distracting thoughts (wasawis) caused by Satan is that no attention should be paid to them, in so far as you should not even try to cast them out of your mind. If you fall a prey to such thoughts outside the salat, then recite "Taoouz" and the entire "LaHaula wala Quwwata Illah Billah" If possible recite the last Surah of the Quran, An Nas, too and start doing something. The solution for avoiding 'wasawis' during salat is that you should learn the translation of the salat and pay attention to it. Or pay attention to the correct pronunciation of each and every word, think of how you are pronouncing it. These will banish all wrong thoughts from your mind and earn the approval of Allah Ta'ala also.



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