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By Muhammad Wali Razi

Praise belongs to Allah who created the Universe and sustains it; and Durud and Salaam be on the last of all Prophets who made the truth prevail over falsehood.

Dear Readers, Assalamu-u-Alaykum New year Mubarak

"Verily belongs to Allah whatever He takes away and whatever He gives. Everything has a prescribed time in the will of Allah. "(Nisa'i)

The departure of Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanvi (rahimahullah) was felt as a wave of shock throughout the Islamic circles of the Indo-Pak sub-continent by his thousands of followers and admirers. His demise has left a visible vacuum in Islamic fiqh, Hadith and spiritual leadership. He started his initial education in 1353 of Islamic Calendar. His dedication to Islamic cause has a history of more than sixty six years. He was bom in a small village of the Khaniwal District of Pakistan on 3rd Safar 1341 Hijrah (26th September 1926). His ancestors belonged to Ludhyana of East Punjab. His father Maulana Saleem (rahmatullah 'alaihe) was a religious and God-fearing man. He was among the prominent disciples of Hakim-ul-Ummah Hazrat Maulana Ashraf 'Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah 'alaihe).

His mother started teaching him the Holy Quran when he was 5 years of age. His father was extra-keen to embellish his son with the knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah. He sent him to acquire Islamic sciences in Madinatul 'Ilm in a village of Hyderabad distt., in 1353 Hijrah.

He started his teaching in 1362 and from then on till his last breath every moment of his life was devoted to the service of the Quran and Sunnah. He specialized in Islamic fiqh of Hanafi thought and was considered among the great Muftis of this era.

Having heard much about the great Islamic University of Darul 'Uloom Deoband, he had a desire to get hi-graduation degree from Darul 'Uloom Deoband. He went to Darul 'Uloom Deoband in Shawwal 1360 Hijrah had the honour of being the student of such great 'Ulama as Hazrat Maulana Husain Madani, Maulana E'zaz 'All and MuftiMuhammad Shaft (rahmatullah 'alaihe). In addition to his usual studies,he sough spiritual guidance initially from Maulana E'zaz (rahmatullah 'alaihe) and then from Maulana Syed Husain Ahmad Madani (rahmatullah 'alaihe). My father Mufti Muhammad Shafi (rahmatullah 'alaihe) the founder of Darul 'Uloom Karachi, invited his services as Sheikul Hadith in Darul 'Uloom Karachi in 1376. He served Darul 'Uloom Karachi upto 1383. He taught Sahih Bukhari 20 times in his life. This indicates his deep knowledge in Hadith also. It was during this period that my notable younger brothers Mufti Muhammad Rafi 'Usmani and Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani directly benefited from his scholarly lectures in the class and had an opportunity to be guided by him in other academic issues.

The writer, though not his regular student, had many occasions of being enlightened by his spiritual discourses. In June 2002, when unexpected I was included in the Sindh Cabinet as Minister of Religious affairs for Zakah, Ushr and minorities Affairs, decided to call on him for obtaining his blessing and prayer. I telephoned him, which was attended by one of his assistants and requested him to spare a few minutes for me at his convenience. visited him in his Madrasah Darul Ifta wal Irshad after ' Asr prayer. He was having his usual session of spiritual discourses. As he saw me entering, he asked the people to escort me to his place. I requested permission to sit there for a few minutes to listen to his discourses. I sat there, and was highly delighted to hear what he said. At the end of this visit, 1 asked him to advice me something with regard to my new responsibilities. He said, "Be firm in your faith in Allah and before deciding any matter in your power, decide it with Justice and equity. This responsibilities is a trust placed upon your shoulders from Allah. Discharge this trust with the fear of Allah".

Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanvi had prominence in various spheres of Islamic activity. Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh and Jihad were only few spheres in which his contribution will make his name ineffaceable for a longtime to come.

A person like me is not capable of finding adequate words which will justify his life long services to Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Here is a humble account of his main services:

(1) He authored more than 150 books and booklets which offer valuable research work.

(2) He wrote more than 50 thousand 'fatawa' Islamic verdicts. His book, Ahsanul Fatawa, comprising of more than 10 volumes (7 of them already printed) is a treasure of juristic information and enjoys great academic values.

(3) He rendered his services as a teacher of Hadith, fiqh and other spheres ol Islamic aspects for as long as 40 years.

(4) He founded Darul Ifta wal Irshad, a great centre of Islamic learning and spiritual training.

(5) He was the founder of the Al-Rasheed Trust which offered massive help to the Mujahideen and Afghan Muhajireen.

(6) The daily Islam and weekly Dharb-i-Mu'min was started under his guidance with a visible orientation to the coverage of the Mujahideen all over world.

Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad (rahmatullah 'alaihe) was a multi-dimentional personality and in fact, an institution in his person. Being out of Karachi, I was deprived of the honour of participating in his funeral prayer. His sad demise has left a vacuum which can hardly be filled by a single man in future.

May Allah accept his humble efforts, in His way and favour him with His special blessings and enable his followers to carry out his mission. Amin.

[ Courtesy "Monthly Al-balagh" (English) ]

By Dr Abdul Malik Khwaja

All patriotic Americans must read this article, which will guide them to the understanding of Islamic extremist and moderate groups' point of view about the Federal Government of their United States America.

Extremist's View

Behind the current global crisis lies a struggle against the oppression of US government and the struggle is clearly supported by Islamic teachings. Death during fighting against any oppressor is the most high rank in Islamic faith which is called Martyrdom. In the heart of every Muslim, the zeal for martyrdom for a good cause has made all sophisticated weapons of to-day obsolete and redundant.

Extremists believe that US government has been committing crimes against humanity right from the beginning of its establishment e.g atrocities against Red Indians, lynching of African slaves, bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and currently carrying out most despicable covert missions through out the world without the knowledge of the American public. Consequently, the Muslims' opposition to American aggression against Islamic states, make the American public think that Muslims are fanatics.

US policies towards Middle East especially Palestine and Iraq, are as barbaric as the treatment of American grandfathers to their African slaves, and the Red Indians. There was a clause in the US Constitution that black people are only one third human being, therefore, extremists believe that the US government is based on a Satanic doctrine.

In retrospect, extremists espouse the idea firmly that US government policy toward Islamic states is highly discriminatory and oppressive. They also believe that US arsenal power is not meant to serve humanity but to oppress the world nations and take action unilaterally against many nations and favour few, such as in the case of Israel and Palestine dispute, while the atrocity and barbaric acts of Israeli government are well known to the American government, therefore, extremists cling to the notion that US government is a Satan.

Extremists also believe that US government manipulates and orchestrates events in the world through CIA, such as the downfall of Shah of Iran, one of the closest allies of the United States at one time for not obeying its order; the downfall of General Noriago of Panama for his arrogance. The assassination of King Faisal for his Muslim Brotherhood, and the assassination of president of Pakistan General Zia for disagreeing with them on security issues.

Furthermore they believe that the downfall of BCCI banking system was planned and designed by CIA, and the war between Kuwait and Iraq was orchestrated purposely to destroy the Iraq and Kuwait economies, to establish strategic military bases in Saudi Arabia, to establish presence in the area, and collect war revenues for the American defence industry. They also believe that US government is involved in drug trafficking locally and globally. The Iran Contra Scandal; the CIA's involvement in selling drugs to street gangs in Los Angeles are two of many examples.

They are also aware of the injustice in the criminal justice system of US where evidence is manipulated and fabricated such as in the criminal case of O.J. Simpson. Federal prosecutors bribe and coerce witnesses to build up criminal cases against innocent people; and misinterpret the language of US Constitution with the consent of judges in criminal federal courts at district and circuit levels. Post conviction remedies in criminal cases are empty rituals, consequently, they obtain 98% conviction rate. The evil of federal government does not stop here. Groups fighting for independence in the United States such as in Northern States, and state of Texas (State Militia) are

implicated in crimes and are put behind the bar for a long period of time, to wit, the group behind Oklahoma bombing wants independence from Federal Government of America claiming that the Federal Government is violating the Constitution of United States. Two of the many reasons are stated below:

(1) By interfering in state affairs.

(2) Sending troops to foreign soil to fight for the interest of special groups.

The group behind the struggle of independence for Texas State contends that annexing the State of Texas with the Untied Stated is illegal, both groups are being oppressed: where as the US government creates such type of groups in other countries and support them covertly. Another discriminatory policy, is that the American government tries to bring to justice war criminals of other countries such as the President of Yugoslavia, but fail miserably in bringing Israeli war criminals to justice.

Federal Government of USA has been harbouring criminals of other countries by giving the reason that they will be killed if they are extradited. On the contrary, it is demanding of the other nations to extradite American suspects asking them arrogantly to those "Whether you are with us or with the terrorists".

The Federal Government of USA is serious in its ambitions to expand its modern imperialism and enslave Islamic states financially and militarily. Currently, America is trying to enslave Afghans. In this case, America must remember the Hindu who was saying in his prayer, "Save me form the venom of the cobra and the vengeance of Afghans".

Extremists also claim that a layman and, a man influenced by Western Media

and culture cannot envision the long term horrible consequences of American imperialism, but short-term benefits are there for all to see.

Soldiers of Islam (extremists) have envisioned the evil and future threats coming from the US government, however, extremists firmly believe that Muslim nations can co-exist peacefully with other nations when equal rights are given; denial of rights in terms of sanctions, embargoes, discriminatory policies and creating political and financial turmoil makes extremists invoke the saying of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu "alaihe wa sallam) that on the Day of Judgement both oppressors and oppressed will be punished——oppressors for oppressing and, oppressed for not resisting the oppressor.

Since one can not milk a cow saying "Please" to her, extremists have declared war against oppression, but they do not have as destructive devices as America has. Peaceful protests and demonstrations against the atrocities in Palestine and Iraq did not work, therefore, guerrilla warfare is the only solution; unfortunately, unwanted civilian causality is unavoidable in modern age warfare.

They believe they are solders of Islam and they have to protect Islamic interest everywhere in the world just as USA is trying to protect its interest in the world. Extremists believe that the jihad of Islamic countries condemns publicly the act of fighting' against American oppression. This condemnation is under the pressure and in fear of US government reprisal.

Opponents of extremists' doctrine will change their opinion when they come to know about the genocide of Muslims which is preplanned by the Untied States. Tyranny and atrocity of the United States in supporting Israel against the unarmed Palestinians and invading Iraq and Afghanistan are the initial steps toward the genocide of Muslims. The world historians will write the phrase "Islamic freedom fighters" instead "Islamic terrorist" when ' the American government's plan is exposed and understood.

Extremists also rebuff the claim of Western Society that they are a group of civilized nations. In Western Society there are 20% homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians, who are marrying in churches and adopting children. Every 4th child born in the Western society is out of wedlock, every 7th person comes from a broken family, family institution • is diminished, 40% of the population suffers from depression and anxiety. Women are harassed in workplaces (President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Scandal) and are made objects of sexual entertainment.

The images of the lowest rung of Islamic society are shown on Western media, should the same media show the lowest rung (ghettos) of their own society, a rational mind would easily be able to judge as to which society is more civilized.

Extremists believe that US government's support in helping Muslims in Kosovo and Bosnia was to weaken the Hostile government of Yugoslavia and stabilize Europe for financial hegemony. Should U.S.A really want to help Muslims then Palestine, and Kashmir issues should have been the first to be dealt with, because these issues destabilize Islamic region, and these issues are established in the U.N.O. for a long time.

Extremists believe Osama Bin Laden is not responsible for the current crises. If he is, then the U.S. government should provide clear and convincing evidence other that of the coerced and bribed witnesses.

Extremists believe 11 September tragedy points the finger to Jewish conspiracy for the following reasons:

1) On the day of the tragedy none of the 4000 Jews working in the area were present at the site.

2) Prime Minister of Israel canceled his visit to New York in emergency.

3) The complex movement of Airlines industry stock market shares is a Jewish trade, and the movement took place a day before the tragedy to make windfall profit later on.

4) If Osama Bin Laden organized the attack on WTC then he would not have chosen the Jewish holiday to carry out such a sophisticated attack without sweeping all the Jews in the lot. It was organized by a Jewish organization for the following reasons:

5) Marking certain changes in the financial sectors in the global and local markets relating flight of capital. These changes will become international and local laws in the future, and Jewish banking community will make windfall profits from the new cartel of transferring money which is triggered from this tragedy.

6) To humiliate President Bush's government. The Jewish community did not support him in the last election.

8) Anthrax tragedy is pointing the finger to White Supremacist groups in the Northern States of America because Anthrax came from the laboratories in those states and they always look for such opportunities to get even with the Federal Government.

Finally, American leaders must clearly comprehend that they cannot fool the Islamic nations with their acrobatic language that it is not 'a war against Islam' in their efforts to gain their support for invading Afghanistan.

Moderate Muslims' point of view:

Moderate Muslims believe that there is an evil behind U.S.A. Government, which should be understood by Muslims, and rooted out by creating a new Banking and Economic System rather than taking provocative actions, so that Islamic countries can co-exist peacefully with the West. The background of evil of U.S.A. Government lies with World Financial Organizations.

The World Bank, IMF, and Federal Reserve Bank of the United States control the world's economy. No country can make any significant progress without the will of these private organizations and their under ground bosses. Brazil is as large as United States of America and equally rich in natural resources but the difference lies in the financial co-operation and political motivation of the invisible bosses of these organizations.

In retrospect, the bosses of these organizations are friends of no nation, and have no desire to be politicians or public figures but aim to control the world politics and the economy of the world, and apply whatever means are necessary to achieve this objective. They operate from the United States and the Federal Government of the country works for them as a Police Force to carry out their orders in the world. In return, the Federal Government of USA receives a blank check and other financial cooperation to boost the economy of the country.

Do these organizations have tangible assets to fund all the loans given to different nations including America or do they manipulate nations with their own banking acrobatic rules and regulations and rotate paper money and financial instruments; use public tangible assets and control the movements of each nation as they wish? No country has seriously addressed this question as yet.

These organizations shrewdly maintain a high reputation of their financial instruments and business transactions in the world; therefore, people accept them and give their tangible assets against these instruments. These organizations would issue a zillion dollar instrument each second and 24 hours a day, had they known that the world (recipients) could pay them back.

These organization have their own hidden agenda to control the economy and political will of each country. Reluctant nations would face sooner or later dire consequences in financial and political infrastructure, to wit, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and Iraq are the most recent examples, and Japan was in the past. To them, the most hated and dangerous countries are the Islamic States because of their religious doctrine (i.e not to be oppressed by any foreign regime). It is difficult for them to control and govern them thus, they constantly keep Islamic States in financial turmoil or in fear of political revolution.

These organizations fully control the political will and financial system of the United States and Western Europe, to wit, Federal Reserve of United States prints U.S currency at the cost of 3 cents per unit whether it is one-dollar denomination or 1000 Dollars and sells it to U.S. government on the face value of the unit. This organization is keeping the public of the United States busy in comfort and engaging them in paying the monthly instalments for the luxury which is provided to them, thus, the public does not have time to interfere in the their affairs and do not care as long as they live in a comfort zone.

These organization have a hidden agenda to eliminate any head of state that dares to speak ill of them; and to tilt the economy of the nation (including America) that stands against them. They fully control the legislative, executive, and administrative branches of United States of America; therefore, the U.S.A government is subservient to these organizations and has become the launching pad for all the coven and overt missions of these organizations.

J.F Kennady (Former President of USA) issued an executive order No 1111 to abolish Federal Reserve Bank System but he was assassinated three months after issuing the order.

Furthermore, the citizens of United States are innocent and harmless, therefore, these organizations skilfully control public media and ingeniously orchestrate a social control through the media. Family and religious values are purposely destroyed to disunite the family system, all in the name of freedom. Addiction of media is given in very heavy doses so that every word said on the media can be taken as Gospel truth by the general public.

These organizations are not accountable to any government of the world for producing paper money, financial instruments, and spreading them throughout the world as loans and receiving tangible assets from loan-recipient couni ries in repayment.

Unfortunately, the American public is totally unaware of all these facts including the despicable covert missions which are carried out by the federal government against Islamic countries. Thus, the Muslims fighting against the evil of the federal government are known as terrorists by the American public. International news media plays an instrumental role in educating the public; therefore, Islamic countries have few international news media such as BBC and CNN which could enlighten the Western society about the facts.

The political and financial hegemony cannot be established in Islamic countries, therefore, these organizations will not cooperate, thus, financial dependency and political turmoil is inevitable in Islamic countries. To avoid financial dependency and inevitable political turmoil, Islamic states must have another World Financial Banking System (not the current Islamic banks) that should match the system of these organizations and strive to eliminate financial dependency on the West. Thus the, Islamic countries would then be strong financially and militarily, and united No Western power will then challenge Islamic integrity and overrun any Islamic sovereign state.

Moderate Muslim's view is to have a Banking System similar to IMF, World Bank, and Federal Reserve Bank but not depending upon the West. That would then transfer all the technologies and assets to Islamic countries. The Islamic Bank will operate similarly as EU, having its own currency, developing a several trillions dollar economy of each member country with the financing provided by the new banking system. The new banking system will be a virtual incubator for each member country for financial and economic growth as IMF, World Bank, and Federal Reserve for the West. The author of this article has a professional blueprint of the proposed Banking system which is available for review by any qualified group of investors and experts.

Moderate Muslims strongly believe that if appropriate measures are not taken by someone to support this vision then the countries in the Islamic block along with other reluctant nations will remain in the hub of poverty in balancing the world Economy for an indefinite period of time. Countries in the Islamic block may progress from time to time with their resources and ability or with the carrots given by the Western countries, but ultimately they will fall back on their knees before these organization.

The predisposed occurrences are at the will of these organizations; they make then happen by creating political and financial turmoil or enticing and inducting nations into the war zone. Ironically, they sell weaponry to both sides in case of war, and boost their weapon industry by burdening the belligerent nations. Apparently, all these events are orchestrated by these organizations. Should Muslims not strive to prevent these occurrences, and wisely find a permanent solution to the problem the Islamic countries will fall one by one into the hands of Western Powers and there will be no sovereign Islamic state left, but serfdom of the Western Power? Please ponder.


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