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The Police Head of Khost province in Afghanistan, Sar Gul, escaped an attack on his life, but two people, including his driver, were killed and four others were injured. Provincial intelligence officer Hazrat Gul said that Sar Gul had tried to disarm some people in the bazar of Khost some days ago. He said that the same people were behind this murderous attack. The car of Sar Gul was fired upon indiscriminately, he added, as a result of which the car was completely destroyed. He said that the condition of the injured was serious.

The world had spreaded many false stories to malign the puritan government of the Taliban, but this news item shows the difference between those simple, religious-minded rulers and the present imported blue-eyed boys of the west who are concordant with the modem world and have moulded themselves to the demands of the times. Those simple, pious and God-fearing people had cleaned the war-strifed tribal society of Afghanistan from weapons and had made it a heaven of peace. And these up-to-date rulers are such that if they try to disarm someone he returns next day, well-prepared to greet them.

O people of the world! Isn't the time has arrived for you to differentiate between the selfless workers of Muhammadi movement and the world-idolizing fighters who are agents of foreign masters?


Western diplomats have said that the American have start preparations to return, now they would be targeted. The families of American diplomats and non-essential diplomatic staff of American embassy in Pakistan are preparing to leave Pakistan. An official of the American embassy, requesting anonymity, told that the process of returning to America would start in a day or two. Meanwhile, western diplomats have called the withdrawal of Americans as an unnecessary reaction of President Bush and said that it would encourage terrorist groups. One European diplomat said that after American's withdrawal they'll become the targets.

There are many nations in the world who are gripped by the fear of death and love of life, what Americans fear of death and world-loving knows no bounds. They think themselves as the most superior nation of the world, therefore, they are so sensitive about saving their skins that some of their actions are considered cowardice even by their allies. (Unnecessary reaction is the second name for cowardice in diplomatic language). The western diplomatic have also complaint to their mentor for its faithlessness to them in a guarded manner. Every one knows American history that it always keep other in front in order to save its people and when the work is done, it leaves them midway on dark nights. Western countries have not got many chances to benefit from America's 'benevolence', therefore, they are recognizing the true face of America, but slowly and gradually. If they, giving proof of their wisdom, get fully acquainted with the real and ugly face of this faithless tormentor, then it would be in the best for them and other developing nations of the world.

Unknown Path

According to a news item coming from New York, an American court issued deportation orders for a Pakistani youth settled in America only because he had provided refuge to a couple from his native country Pakistan.

The incident of 11/9 have drawn the false layer of culture and politeness off from the ugly and biased face of America. Hatred, prejudice, cruelty and oppression can be clearly seen at the newly-revealed face for the sole super-power of the world. The treatment meted out to the Muslims living in America after 11/9 on state and public level is a new chapter in the history of religious and national discrimination. America, which thinks itself as the most cultured and developed nation of the twenty-first country. America has drawn criticism from all over the world over its recent biased steps against weak countries and nations. Protests against American aggression and cruelty have spreaded from Arab countries to other countries and cities. Strong protests and agitation was witnessed during the recent visit of US President Bush to Peru.

The deportation orders to a Pakistani youth living legally in America is totally against and in violation of America's democratic traditions. America's aggressive and biased steps against weak nations are pushing it along an unknown path of destruction from where till date no tyrant and cruel nation had a chance to return.