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Some Memories of Hazrat-e-Wala ( part 2 )

By Mufti Abu Lubabah

Besides Islamic and traditional knowledge, Hazrat Wala had also possessed expertise in all other learning including art, science, logic, philosophy and mathematics etc. He used to say, "While I have done a postmortem of these learning, I have also read books on these topics that most scholars and intellectuals have not even heard about." No precedence of the expertise he had in mathematics and astronomers is found in today's world. His book 'Irshad al Abid Ila Takhrij al Auqaat wa Taujih al Masajid' that is also included in 'Ahsan al Fatawa' vol-II, proves the fact about his knowledge on these learning. The way he has described timings of Namaz, adjusting the direction of Qibla, and method of calculating solar and lunar dates and months are live example of his artistic approach. Seeing these extra-ordinary inventions of Hazrat Wala, experts of modem learning cannot stop themselves from praising his efforts. One of Hazrat Wala's inventions is that he made a formula through which lunar and solar dates can be calculated from the first day of the existence of the world till the end of the world. These inventions are suspended on the southern wall of Hazrat Wala's room where he used to study.

He had command over using the right Urdu language words at right places with correct pronunciation. People used to cut their fingers by their teeth with great surprise seeing Hazrat-i-Wala's extraordinary knowledge and in-depth research. He was so careful about pronunciation that, he would feel irked on hearing a wrong pronunciation. He never used to keep himself quiet but he always corrected the person. I can say with claim that even great intellectuals and literary figures who consider ulama oblivious of temporal sciences, did not have the courage to read out a few lines of Urdu before him. It is quite surprising that a person who confined himself for most part of his life to his room only had so vast knowledge and a versatile command over Urdu literature that

besides a few of his pupils, no one could read aloud before him a few lines with correct pronunciation, almost all the sciences of today's world.

Allah had blessed him with such generosity. It was Hazrat-i-Wala who created in his students a sense to give money instead of taking. For this reason he had adopted a habit that he used to allocate a special portion of his earnings in the way of Allah while in the later stage he gave all his incomes to be utilized in the cause of Allah. The welfare works performed by his organization, are unprecedented and even big NGOs cannot even think of doing that job. His organization will continue to carry on his mission of serving the Islam, Insha-Allah.

Allah had blessed Hazrat Wala with extra-ordinary health and strength. He had crossed 80, but except a few last days, he never took support of the railing of his staircase for going up to the house. Once Dar-ul-Ifta organized a display of maps and models sent by participants of a contestant. These maps were displayed at a hall on the third floor of the building. Nobody could climb up the third floor in one go and without taking the support of staircase railing, however, Hazrat Wala went up to the third floor without any support and without stopping in the way. Similarly, he would jump like a lion in the ground to play club-game. His physique was slim but active and that was all because he used to

take special care of his diet. He lived a life that has been ideal for all others. Almost all the works he started, were accomplished during his lifetime and he took personal interest in completing the works he had started. As far as 'Ahsan ul Fatawa' is concerned, he himself reviewed the book and helped his team to complete the task.

It is Hazrat-i-Wala's goodness that he highlighted the sense and tendency of renouncing sins, which was gradually fading away. Ulama-e-Karam know that only appearance is not required to become a real man of Allah. Rather, the basic requirement is to avoid all wrong habits and path to sins. He set a precedence of following Sunnah and adopting the path that has been ordered by the Holy Prophet and frequently mentioned in the Holy Qur'aan.

He had one special quality that he never opted for personal satisfaction and never asked anyone to do his personal work. However, Brother Rashid is the person who remained with him and served him during his days of ailment and Hazrat Wala had granted him permission to serve him at his last stage of life. Brother Rashid carried out his duties so well and earned a lot of dua from Hazrat Wala. Brother Rashid disclosed that even at the last stage when Hazrat Wala had become so weak due to ailment, he wanted to get up by himself without anybody's support and he wanted to do that because he never liked putting his body's weight on anyone else.

These are a few of Hazrat Wala's qualities. There is still a lot that can never be written in full in just a couple of columns, it requires time and a lot of space in the paper. May Allah bless Hazrat Wala's well-wishers and followers to adopt the real Islamic way that was adopted by the Hazrat. Ameen.