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By Ahmad Noor-ul-Muqtada

Transferring the reward of good deeds to others

Rectification of this problem is very difficult! It is very difficult!! Yes if Allah helps it is not difficult at all. It is very easy. But the methods of Esal-e-Thawab, which are in vogue, are such that these are not ordered by Allah nor His Rasool has prescribed them. The Companions did not employ these methods either. The four Aaimma (religious Jurisprudents) also did not recommend them in their books.

There is a Maulvi Sahib who is not only a Maulvi himself but also he is a Director of a Deeni Madrasah (religious school). It means that lie is not only a Maulvi by himself but he is the maker of Maulvis to others. He has the factory of making Maulvis. where Maulvis are prepared. And he is also my student. He is not simply like those students of these days. He is very sincere, loving and obedient. He is very dutiful and helpful.

His mother passed away. In the name of Esal-e-Thawab preparations and

program of Teeja was being considered. 1 explained to him that the custom of this Teeja is not permissible. It is also against Sunnah. There is no proof of this custom of Esal-e-Thawab in Shariah. You should avoid this custom. Remember that he was a very much obedient and dutiful student of mine but he did not accept my advice. Then I told him that if you performed the custom of Teeja 1 would not participate in it. Eventually, he told me that if he did not perform this custom the community and brotherhood would become displeased. Therefore we are obliged to do this. In reply, I said to dim "At first I thought this custom to be a mere innovation. Now I understand it is not only an innovation but it is a Shirk (polytheism) too. Because you are not doing this for the sake of Allah. You are afraid of your community, not of Allah. You regard your brotherhood and community as being Allah and this is clear shirk (polytheism). Whatever you are doing, you are doing for the sake of getting round other than Allah. Although that Maulvi Sahib was very much obedient and complying but he did not agree to my advice and the Satan overpowered him and after all he performed the custom of Teeja. He was afraid that the community would get displeased and he would not be able to face them. People are worried about saving their reputation in the world but they do not mind to get their neck cut in

the hereafter.

This fits to the example that there were some nose-less people sitting in an assembly. There came a man whose nose was not cut like them. All people began to laugh pointing towards him, see this man, he has a nose. See him, he has a nose! And this man was as brave as the Maulvi sahib, who was afraid of the community. The man took a knife and cut his nose as well. This was done just to save himself from the laughter and taunting of the people. Imagine how the people are afraid of the customs and community. And see how cruel this community is! There is a calamity on one side that some body's dear one passes away and the other side the relatives of the deceased are preparing themselves to enjoy the feast of Korma and Pulao (sauce and rice dishes)!

Now I think that whenever somebody gets ill his or her relatives would not [nay for Ins health. Instead, they may aspire that when he/she passes away there is Teeja and Chelum and feasts of Korma and Pulao. And when this is over they may pray for another to set ill and die so that the) may have another least of Teeja and Chelum and so and so forth. Whenever they hear that somebody has been admitted to the hospital their happiness knows no bounds. And they may say that time of enjoying Korma and Pulao ise approaching.

Today's shameless Muslim and the shameless people of community are like vultures waiting for the dying animal to get their sustenance. Now we will get some eating! Now we will get some eating! If there is no fear of Allah, and there is no care of the Hereafter and there is no fear of accountability and there is no regard for Islam, at least they must have some shame! Somebody's relative has passed away, he is in a state of shock and the other thing is that he has incurred expenses for the treatment and shrouding and burying of the deceased. But the shameless community members are in wait for what ever the money is left behind in the house, let us have the Korma and Pulao.

Once, when I came out of my house I saw that some degs (cauldrons) are put on the fireplace. I thought that there is a marriage ceremony. Later, I learnt that somebody had died. These relatives are so cruel that on the demise of someone they enjoy feasts as if there is a function of wedding. This is a heinous act of apathy. And I wonder how these shameless people swallow the morsel of


If you really want to perform Esal-e-Thawab, really you have love for the deceased, if you really feel for the deceased then why the method of esal-e-thawab as told by Rasoolullah sallallahu "alaihe wasallam is not enough for you! Listen, what is the reality of the esal-e lhawab. Every good deed that a person does for himself if he intends to transfer the thawab (reward) to others, the thawab will reach them. You pray nafil salat for yourself, you keep nafil fasts, you recite the Holy Quran, you count rosary for Tasbeehat, you pay charity and alms, you perform nafil Hajj and 'Umra, lor all these you just intend that the thawab of these acts should reach such and such person. The thawab will reach the intended person or persons, this is the only and simple way of esal-e-thawab. The thawab of your good actions, for which you were entitled to thawab, you will also gey it and for whom you intended will also get the entire thawab of it.

There is a general misunderstanding about esal-e-thawab. Peoole think that the esal-e-thawab can be done only for the deceased people. You understand it very well, esal-e-thawab can be done for the dead people as well as for people who are still alive!

I have published my will and have asked the people to do esal-e-thawab for me. Some of the people had the doubt that I am still alive, how esal-e-thawab can be done for me?

Therefore, I have explained that Esal-e-thawab can be done for the people alive too. Whatever Ibadat (good deeds) you perform for yourself, just make intention that the thawab of it may reach such and such persons also. The thawab will reach them as you intended.

There is a Hadith in which Rasoolullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) has said, there are seven types of people to whom Allah Ta'ala will take them into the fold of His blessing when there will be no shade to save the people and they would be drowning in their sweats. As much the sins, the sweat would also be proportionate to it. Some people would be knee deep, some would be unto their navels, some unto their chests and some unto their lips and some be drowned totally. (To be continued)

(This is a translation of a sermon byHazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanvi rahimahumullah, Current Innovations and Groundless customs)."